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December 2019

71st National Conference set for Co. Meath in March


Brian McDowell, General Secretary

It only feels like we’re just over one Party conference and I’m sending you details of the next! The Executive Board has decided that our 71 st National Conference will be held on Friday 6 th , Saturday 7 th and Sunday 8 th March in the Knightsbrook Hotel, Trim, Co. Meath.

Each Branch, Constituency Council, Party member section and Sub-Section of Labour Equality is entitled to submit one motions for inclusion on the Conference Agenda. The Conference Arrangements Committee may, following consultation with the Standing Orders Committee, decide to consolidate motions received for the Preliminary Agenda that relate to cognate matters, for the purpose of avoiding repetition of debate or voting.

Every motion must be submitted on the official form, which has now been sent to Secretaries of each branch. This form should be signed by the Secretary and Chairperson, and should be sent to Head Office to arrive no later than 5.00pm on January 24 th 2020.

As per the Party constitution, agreed at conference in April 2017, every head office and constituency member who, for not less than 12 months prior to the date of a Party Conference, has been registered as a Party member and who is as a paid up member as of the date of the conference, is entitled to attend the Conference as a voting delegate.

Under the terms of the Party Constitution the following positions are elected at national conference:

  • 8 members of the Executive Board of whom 4 shall identify as men and 4 shall identify as women

  • Party Chairperson

  • Party Treasurer

  • 3 members of the policy research unit

  • 3 members of the campaigns unit

  • 3 members of the International Affairs unit

  • 5 members of the standing orders committee, at least two of whom will identify as woman

Nominations of candidates to any office or position that is elected at conference may be made by any Constituency Council or Party Member Section. Not more than 1 nomination to each office or position.

Nominations for all of these sections, should be sent to Head Office to arrive no later than 5.00pm on February 7 th 2020. Our new head office is No.2 Whitefriars, Aungier Street, Dublin 2.

I will send further details in January about accommodation for conference.

Finally, thank you to all our members, supporters, public representatives, area reps, volunteers and staff for another year of campaigning and hope you have a peaceful Christmas and look forward to yet another election in 2020 where we will continue to rebuild.