Left Field | Labour News
December 2019

Labour Youth is mobilised. Labour Youth is strong. Labour Youth is ready for a year of active campaigning


Cormac Ó Braonáin, National Chair Labour Youth

We recently elected our National Youth Executive at our annual Youth Conference in Waterford City. I'd like to pay tribute to the outgoing Chair, Patrick Ahern and the outgoing National Youth Executive. They put in extraordinary work throughout the year, particularly by canvassing and building campaigns for all our young candidates during last May’s Local Elections. They oversaw new branches being formed and old branches being reformed. I’m confident in saying that our membership level is extremely healthy and continues to climb.

We passed nearly 50 policy motions during our Youth Conference. Among these motions was a call for public ownership of key utilities and the renationalisation of Bord Gáis and Eir. Another motion called on Ireland to become carbon zero in transport, heating and electricity generation by 2040.

There is a real need for a vision in Labour Youth, and I want to address this challenge head-on. During the year, the National Youth Executive will be leading reviews into all facets of how we operate. We look forward to engaging with people in the party and also external stakeholders to create long-term plans for Labour Youth.

There will be a General Election in 2020 and we in Labour Youth are planning to fight a coordinated campaign supporting Labour candidates and Labour values at a grassroots level. A General Election will also be an excellent opportunity to recruit and mobilise new members.

We are looking to expand and grow as a campaigning and organising force across our island but we need your help to do this. I’m always excited to hear from members young and old about potential new branches we can establish, new people we can recruit and new issues that we can engage with.

I’d like to express how delighted I am that Labour Youth has such an able and determined eight-person Youth Executive, and how lucky we are to have the constant support of Membership Development Manager, Aideen Blackwood.

A special note of thanks has to go to our outgoing International Officer, Sarah Dunne who has spent over ten years in Labour Youth as one of our most dependable and principled activists. We wish her all the best with her role as Feminist Network Coordinator of the Young European Socialists.

We must remember that only Labour and socialist values can promote tangible policies to heal our fractured society and advocate for a rank and file transformation of the failed, capitalist global economy, which climate change has shown, will lead to our extinction as a species in the next hundred years. Let’s aim to thrive as a party that puts radical and achievable socialist policies to the fore and is ambitious for young people and ambitious for Ireland.