Liam Gilleran

I am a publican in Mullingar Town where I have lived all my life. I run a successful business, employing 10 full-time staff. I am currently Chairman of the Mullingar & District VFI and also sit on the National Executive Council of the VFI. I am very active in all issues pertaining to the hospitality industry which is going through extremely difficult times currently.

Our town needs a strong individual to represent and articulate the concerns and needs of our citizens. Having been in business in the town all my life, I would be very well known in Mullingar and district business community and have advocated on rates and other matters of importance to the small businesses of Mullingar. 

I would class myself as a strong, honest and hard-working individual. Asa worker myself, I believe that I am the person who will articulate and present Labour values to the people of this locality and gain their support.

Liam Gilleran

Ireland - Midlands North West : Longford / Westmeath : Mullingar

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