Liam Ardkeen

My name is Liam van der Spek and I am delighted to be the Labour Party candidate in Cavan-Belturbet. I grew up in Cavan and attended St. Patrick’s College before graduating with a degree in Computer Science from UCD. I currently work as a data engineer in Cavan town. This is the first time I’m putting myself forward for election. I want to take an active role in making Ireland a more just, compassionate and equal society.

I firmly believe everyone should be entitled to dignity in their work, a decent standard of living, and meaningful time to enjoy the important things in life. Having worked as both a waiter and an IT assistant, I have great respect for effort put in at every level. Cavan is full of talented people, from skilled professionals to renowned figures in the arts. Our local government should do everything it can to cultivate their full potential.

The last decade was tough on the whole country, but especially on rural regions. Fewer job opportunities and neglected streets make it easy to feel like we’ve been left behind. I want to see Cavan’s urban centres looking vibrant and well maintained, our housing estates properly provided for with amenities for young people, and an adequate supply of social and affordable housing. Access to more public transport options and high-speed broadband would also help to ensure a bright future for our community.

From this point forward, it’s critical that we build an Ireland where we are all valued and included. I’m excited to see Cavan not just survive, but really prosper.

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I’m eager to work with you in shaping the future of our local community. Please get in touch about any issue in your area I can help you with.

Liam van der Spek

Ireland - Midlands North West : Cavan / Monaghan : Cavan-Belturbert

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