Lorraine Scally

Lorraine Scally is the new Labour Party Local Area Representative in Mullingar-Coole. Lorraine can be contacted for any local issues in the Mullingar-Coole area.  Lorraine is working with Willie Penrose TD.

My family background is in representing and working for the local people. I work in education as a Primary school Principal. I am also passionate about the heroic work Carers do.

I left home in 1995 to attend college in Dublin. Three years later I moved to Wicklow for my first job. It was always my ambition to return home and, in 2004 I was lucky enough to do so. Westmeath is where I was born and reared, now I am rearing my family here. I am passionate about supporting communities and taking care of those in need. Everyone needs a little help at one point or another.

I am fortunate to come into contact with many people through community committees, clubs  and schemes, as well as through my work and so, I want people to know that they  can come to me about any issue within their communities across the Mullingar-Coole area. 

As Vice Chairperson of our party’s local constituency council, I want to see the people come back to the party but more importantly, I want to see the party go back to its people.

Labour means work.

I want to work for and support, the working classes, the people who are trying to work and, the businesses who are providing jobs.

I want to ensure, into the future, the viability of community schemes, clubs and groups who offer valuable support to our most vulnerable neighbours and friends.

Lorraine is working with Willie Penrose TD.

Lorraine Scally

Ireland - Midlands North West : Longford / Westmeath : Kinnegad

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