As a Local Area Representative for the Labour Party in Cork City, it’s my role to represent Labour to you and, just as importantly, to represent you to the Labour Party and be your advocate.

I joined Labour in 2009, a few months before my 19th birthday. I saw the party as an engine for change, a prime mover for justice, social progress, and shared prosperity. The pursuit of those same principles is what has driven my activism over the last number of years, and why I took on this role.

As a proud Corkman, it is a privilege to act as a Labour representative to the people of Cork. The streets and pathways around here have shaped my life: I was born in the Erinville Maternity Hospital on the Western Road, spent my primary and secondary school years on the Mardyke, and completed two degrees in University College Cork. When I first moved out of my family home, it was to spend five years living around the Gillabbey Street area when I started studying and working as an adult. It was the Cork branch of the Together for Yes campaign that I helped lead, as Deputy Chair and Canvassing & Training Officer, when we repealed the Eighth Amendment. It is unavoidably close to my heart.

The challenges that Cork will face in the coming years are considerable, and city areas both old and new need to be supported as we tackle these changes. As our population increases, we will need to guarantee increases in quality housing, protect our social services and community amenities, manage growth in our local economy sustainably and sensibly, and ensure an environmentally-friendly approach to both private and public transport that does not compromise on access. I work in third-level education, and as such I am particularly keen to support and protect Cork's two higher education institutions, UCC and CIT, which are so important to us both socially and economically.

Effective local representation is vitally important for everyone living in our city, particularly when the current national government is so dysfunctional, ineffective, and unstable. I look forward to meeting you, and I encourage you to reach out to me with any and all issues of importance to you and your family.

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Cllr Luke Field (Local Candidate)

083 826 1675