An Active Role in the World
Labour Party Manifesto 2020

We believe in an Ireland that is confident and secure in our national identity, and in the role we play in the world.

Labour in Government has maintained the monetary value of our Overseas Development Aid and steadily rebuilt Ireland's reputation overseas. 

Our plan for the next five years:

  • Continually increase our Overseas Development Aid budget by at least €200 million as we move towards the UN target of 0.7% of GNI
  • Formally recognise the state of Palestine
  • Build on Ireland’s leading role in negotiating the Sustainable Development Goals by making sure we achieve them at home and abroad
  • Support social democratic efforts to reform the investor state dispute resolution mechanism within the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership
  • Develop the State’s first Tax and Human Rights Policy to inform our international corporate tax strategy
  • Continue to support the peacekeeping and refugee assistance role our defence forces play throughout the world