Connecting Rural Ireland
Labour Party Manifesto 2020

Labour's Vision for Safe Rural Commuities, Guaranteed Rural Transport and a Strong Rural Economy

Our Commitment: Labour will ensure rural Ireland is socially, economically and digitally connected

  • Labour has a vision for a connected, prosperous rural Ireland.
  • The Labour Party will prioritise a State-wide investment plan to revitalise disadvantaged rural communities, provide a clear pathway to affordable rural broadband, and support the self-sustainability of rural towns and villages.
  • Our Rural Transport Guarantee, Rural Hackney Scheme and School Bus Guarantee will ensure rural communities are connected to a reliable, affordable and integrated transport network.
  • Our strategy will deliver more Gardaí, more GPs and more post offices, libraries and community spaces, to ensure rural communities are connected to vital public services.
  • Our plan to fast-track Rural Broadband, to restore Town Councils and to lower insurance premiums will enable businesses and farmers to connect with more customers, to grow the rural economy.
  • For too long, the concerns of rural Ireland have been ignored by Fine Gael in government. The economy has recovered, but rural communities have not had their fair share.
  • Rural broadband has been delayed and will cost far more than initially estimated, due to the Government’s mismanagement of the tendering process.
  • The Government’s failure to provide adequate and affordable transport is isolating rural communities, while rural crime continues to rise, post offices close and there are fewer rural GPs.
  • Insurance costs are crippling local businesses, farmers and community groups, but the Government has no plan to address rising premiums.
  • Labour understands the challenges that rural communities face, and we have practical plans to solve these problems. We will ensure that no rural region, town or village is left behind.
  • We are committed to ensuring rural Ireland is socially, economically and digitally connected