Decent Work for All
Labour Party Manifesto 2020

Labour's proposals for a Living Wage and Collective Bargaining

Work and pay is not equally shared.

Labour has always stood up for workers' rights and we have implemented laws to regulate the market in favour of workers and consumers.

Women, young people, migrants and those who had the fewest opportuntiies in education are most vulnerable to exploitation and low pay.

Too many jobs are still low paid and many people experience job insecurity or uncertainty about how many hours they will work every week.

Labour has proposed a range of policies and laws to provide security for workers.

Summary of Proposals

  1. Increase workers' share of national income
  2. Enshrine the right to collective bargaining for all workers
  3. Ensure all workers receive a Living Wage
  4. Close the gender pay gap
  5. Widen access to work for people with disabilities
  6. End the exploitation of migrant workers
  7. Lower wage inequality and curbing excessive executive pay
  8. Ensure certainty of hours
  9. Support people who are self-employed
  10. End bogus self-employment
  11. Eliminate workplace bullying
  12. Add social clauses to public procurement
  13. Address informal insolvency
  14. Prepare now for the future of work

 In addition to our recent policy document Decent Work for All, Labour has also produced a working paper on The Future of Work, addressing the challenges of robotisation and casualisation to the attainment of secure, decent jobs.