Delivering Labour’s Vision of Equality and Fairness
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European Manifesto

Labour parties and the Labour movement across Europe have consistently fought for a Social Europe based on socialist democracy. We have fought for better conditions and pay for workers, women and local communities, a social floor of civil, economic and rights, and strong social protection for pensioners, people with disabilities and those seeking work. We have a clear vision of a fairer, better Europe, which we can achieve by working with our sister parties across Europe.

EU institutions should be as diverse as Europe’s diverse population. We believe we can only address European issues if all European voices play a role in decision making within our institutions and governing bodies. We believe that women, migrants, the LGBTQI community and people living with disability should be as well represented within the EU institutions as they are in modern European society.

Labour has a long and proud history of fighting for the equal rights of women, LGBTQI people and minorities, and the European Union has helped Irish people to secure their rights, notably equal pay for equal work and equal access to employment when Ireland first joined in 1973. Any form of discrimination is unacceptable and Labour will continue to seek equality for all.


  • We will continue to work towards delivering a Social Europe
  • The EU must strive to deliver a genuinely Social Europe, based on justice, equality and solidarity
  • Your rights must be put before those of corporations’ economic freedoms. It is vital that a Social Progress Protocol is inserted into EU treaties which put a fair and decent standard of living for all at the heart of European policy making
  • Labour MEPs will protect and promote digital rights for all. Access to the internet, personal privacy online, and protection from online bullying and harassment must all be guaranteed
  • We will demand that minimum standards of social protection are upheld for older people, for carers and for anyone unable to work for whatever reason
  • The EU needs to strengthen partnerships with developing countries, including supporting the creation of a comprehensive European Investment Plan for Africa
  • We firmly believe that overseas aid budgets should be increased to at least meet the agreed target of 0.7% of GNI
  • The Labour Party will promote a progressive form of globalisation, based on trade agreements that are binding in terms of social and environmental standards, human rights, consumer protection and workers’ rights
  • We will stand against private arbitration as part of trade agreements in favour of
    open, democratic control over trade disputes
  • The EU must stand strong against discrimination and promote equality at all levels
  • Labour representatives have been leading the charge in ending the Gender Pay Gap in Ireland. Labour MEPs will continue this work at European level by proposing and supporting measures to close the gender pay gap and to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work, and equitable pensions, with specific measures to include a requirement for multi-national corporations to publish data on pay by gender and a directive to ensure people gain pension credits for time spent parenting
  • European laws must seek to make discrimination in the provision of goods and services illegal, based on the same grounds as in Ireland, including gender, age, disability, sexuality, ethnicity, religion and family/marital status
  • We will push for there to be better rules around making public and private sector boards and senior management more diverse and reflective of the European population, with provision for punitive damages
  • We will push for European political groupings to only receive public funds if they meet binding gender quota targets
  • Female MEPs should not be deterred from running for office because of poor maternity leave. We will push for a directive on maternity cover for all elected representatives
  • It is time for a significant EU Gender Equality Strategy, that looks to end pay and pension gaps, combat sexual harassment and gender-based violence, and ensure that everyone has access to their full sexual and reproductive rights
  • Working with our European sister parties, we will push for strong initiatives at EU level to help combat domestic violence and violence targeting intimate partners and/or children, to include peer review mechanisms, promotion of best practice and funding to be dedicated to provide the necessary services
  • The EU must recognise that period poverty is a very real issue for many women
  • A year on the from the referendum to repeal the eighth amendment, we are now calling for EU rules to ensure minimum standards for maternity and termination services that are of high quality and that afford women choice
  • Labour MEPs will call for the full implementation at EU level of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and work with disability organisations to achieve this
  • We will promote and support measures to ensure that all persons with disabilities have access to inclusive education, with personalised supports, and an inclusive workplace in the open labour market with a fair wage, reasonable accommodation, and access to an effective social protection system
  • The EU must take a strong stance on ending the segregation of persons with disabilities in institutions, and support measures to assist people to transition from institutional to community-based living
  • We will advocate for new EU rules to remove legal and societal obstacles for LGBTQI people to live freely, equally and with respect
  • The Labour Party will continue to fight for a fair system of migration and refugee integration
  • We will fully support fair common EU asylum and migration policy that will ensure effective control of EU borders while fighting human trafficking and the criminal exploitation of people, and enhancing the protection of those in need of asylum
  • We will seek European rules that would ensure Ireland’s system of Direct Provision is replaced with a more humane reception and integration system
  • Migrant workers should not be exploited by unscrupulous employers. That’s why we will work for stronger workers’ rights that strengthen pay and conditions
  • Better funding of integration policies and greater supports are needed