Getting Ireland Moving
Labour Party Manifesto 2020

Getting Ireland Moving: A Smarter Way to Work

The Labour Party's Plan to Cut Congestion. Promote Regional Jobs and Create Liveable Communities

Imagine leaving home in the morning and being at work just minutes later.

We want to make this a reality for thousands of people across the country who are losing precious family time stuck in traffic every week.

Our plan is simple: we will move your work closer to you. And this is how we intend to do it:

  • Drive balanced economic growth by investing in strategic regional hubs
  • Use State procurement to support small and medium Irish enterprises
  • Support local businesses and services to promote vibrant main streets
  • Empower Local Government and re-locate more public jobs outside the capital
  • Roll out a public network of remote shared working spaces in commuter towns

Even if you can’t work remotely you will still benefit from this plan, as it will reduce congestion in our city and towns, and shorten your commute time. But we know this plan will take time to implement, so in the meantime, Labour will do the following to immediately cut congestion, reduce commuting times and provide a better worklife balance for commuters:

  • Provide a Public Transport Guarantee to every city, town and village
  • Promote the shift to off-peak travel and more active modes of transport
  • Significantly reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicles on our roads
  • Introduce the Right to Flexible Employment, so that workers can reasonably avail of remote work, compressed hours and a Four Day Working Week