Ireland's Future in Social Europe
Labour Party Manifesto 2020

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Foreword by Brendan Howlin TD, Leader of the Labour Party

The 2019 European Parliament elections are critically important for Ireland’s future and the future direction of the European project. Labour is offering three of our best as candidates for the European Parliament.

Labour and our allies want a Social Europe that recognises the failings of the current model and dedicates itself to improving people’s lives. European workers need a pay rise, after years of wages not keeping pace with economic growth, and they need public investment to restore health care, education and other public services that have been deprived of money for far too long.

Europe needs to engage in a massive programme of investment to improve aging infrastructure and to reverse the growth of inequality that is alienating millions of people from the benefits of European co-operation.

Our track record is one of strengthening workers’ rights, fighting for better pay and conditions, and supporting sustainable growth in the economy.

Labour’s particular focus at this critical time is to protect Irish people’s jobs and livelihoods from the effects of the UK leaving the European Union. We also want decisive action on climate change. And Labour’s group in Europe is committed to using European funding to help build more affordable public housing in Ireland.

Democracy in Europe is under threat from both the conservative ideology of free markets and from the extremist parties who exploit people’s anger but provide no real solutions. The rightwing groups in the European Parliament, including those of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, offer cold-blooded market solutions
whereas Labour parties are concerned to meet people’s human needs.

Labour wants a Social Europe based on equality and fairness, with a stronger role for the State to counterbalance the market and to better regulate private corporations.

In 2019, the Irish and other European people will together decide if they want more of the same from the conservatives who currently dominate Europe, or if they want to help Labour and its sister parties to
build a truly Social Europe.