Labour will develop a stronger national LGBT+ strategy, to focus on tackling hate crimes, discrimination in schools and workplaces and improving the mental and sexual health of LGBT+ people.

Labour will commence all sections of the Children and Family Relationships Act.

Labour will amend the Gender Recognition Act 2015 to address shortcomings, such as lack of recognition of non-binary, identified in the 2018 report on the operation of the Act.

Labour will improve access to healthcare for people who are transgender, to speed up access to treatments such as hormone replacement therapy.

Labour will promote greater inclusivity in the Defence Forces, including recruitment and retention of members of the LGBT+ community. 

Labour also supports the aims of LGBT Ireland, in their 2020 manifesto (For Inclusion, For Equality, For Everyone)

  • Training of all healthcare staff to deliver LGBTI+ inclusive care.
  • Developing LGBTI+ community-based prevention and early intervention services nationwide.
  • Developing quality assurance measures for the older age healthcare sector to encourage services to be inclusive of older LGBTI+ people.
  • Creating Regional sexual health services for men who have sex with men (MSM) and the Trans community.
  • Tackling waiting lists for Trans healthcare through the rollout of services that meet international best practice standards, with a clear pathway from child to adult services.