Open Government
Labour Party Manifesto 2020

Labour has always believed that openness and accountability are at the heart of good policy making and effective public service management.

Labour in Government has brought in limits on political donations, regulated lobbying, and protected whistleblowers, as well as strengthening the Freedom of Information Act and the Office of the Ombudsman.

Our plan for the next five years:

  • Make all Government data open and transparent and publish an Open Data Action Plan
  • Deliver a more integrated public service and increase the number of specialists in the civil service
  • Introduce a free and secure Digital Portal for to transform the interactions of every citizen and business with the State
  • Ensure the digital agenda doesn’t leave behind any citizens, especially older citizens most at risk of digital exclusion
  • Substantially increase the resources available to the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer
  • Enact a Data Sharing and Governance Act to ensure the highest modern standards of data protection apply to public service information sharing