Our Place in the World
Labour Party Manifesto 2020

Labour will develop strategic relationships with EU member states post-Brexit, while also developing new formal and informal links between Ireland and the UK, for trade as well as political co-operation. Labour wants Ireland to have a distinctive voice in the world, in favour of peace, human rights, equality and respect for international law.


Labour will pursue a distinctive foreign policy for Ireland that promotes peace, human rights, equality and respect for international law. If Ireland is successful in gaining membership of the UN Security Council, Labour will seek to offer a distinctive Irish contribution rather than to take sides with any of the traditional divisions in international affairs.

Labour will set out a realistic strategy to increase Ireland’s development aid so as to meet our longstanding commitment of investing 0.7% of economic output, and will continue to direct that aid to the world’s poorest regions.

Labour will support the cause of the people of Palestine and will recognise Palestine as a state.


Brexit and Ireland-UK Relations

Labour will seek to ensure no hardening of the border due to Brexit, and to minimise border infrastructure and checks between Ireland and Britain. Labour will support the full implementation of agreements to maintain the Common Travel Area between Ireland and the UK.

Labour will strongly advocate for the rights of Irish citizens in the UK and the maintenance of the Common Travel Area, including the rights to reside, work, vote and access public services in the UK, working with the Irish embassy and consulates, trade unions, civil society groups, business associations and the UK Labour Party.

Labour will seek to expand and enhance the British-Irish Council and the British-Irish Intergovernmental Conference. We will ensure frequent contact by ministers and officials with their counterparts to replace the loss of contact at EU level post-Brexit, and we’ll ensure strong bilateral co- operation on common interests.

Labour will enhance Ireland’s capacity to respond to the needs of the Irish community in the UK, and the wider Irish diaspora. This will be achieved through enhancing the capacity of the British-Irish Council to interact with British-Irish trade organisations, community groups, trade unions, etc., with an annual British-Irish Community Conference to bring together all those interested in building and maintaining a positive bilateral relationship between the two jurisdictions.

Labour will expand bilateral co-operation with the Scottish Government and the Welsh Executive.