Primary and Community Care
Labour Party Manifesto 2020

We are committed to ending the two tier health system that exists in this country. We will deliver Universal Health Care by creating a new National Community Health Service – a public primary care system where access is free to all.

In Government, Labour has delivered 90 new primary care centres, commenced work on 73 more, and introduced free GP care for the under 6s and over 70s.

Our plan for the next five years:

  • Introduce a new National Community Health Service that delivers free primary care for all
  • Extend free GP care to those under 18, followed by the rest of the population to ensure no-one has to pay to see their GP by 2021 at the latest
  • Reduce drug costs and prescription charges
  • Introduce a universal entitlement to a free dental examination, scale and polish twice per year
  • Recruit 1,426 new full-time GPs and introduce a GP rural scheme to ensure nationwide coverage
  • Roll out community-based programmes targeting the most prevalent chronic diseases in the community
  • Bring in a Minor Ailments Scheme to allow free-of-charge treatments for common illnesses at local community pharmacies