Schools Fit for the Digital Age
Our Policies

Investing in schools, cutting class sizes and limiting costs to parents

Education is a great liberating force in society. Investment in and reform of education will help us build a more equal Ireland. Making every school fit for the digital age is our priority.

Labour in Government has provided €2.2 billion for new school buildings and delivered the first improvements to literacy and numeracy results in a generation.

Our plan for the next five years:

  • Deliver the smallest class sizes in the history of the State
  • Radically reduce costs to parents
  • End the use of prefabs in our schools
  • Invest €210 million in broadband and technology for schools
  • Aim to have Ireland in the top countries for reading, science and maths by 2020
  • Provide new courses in the Leaving Certificate, such as coding, P.E. and politics
  • Ensure children spend more time each week on science and P.E.
  • Make 21st century skills and subjects part of every child’s education