Serving The Community
Labour Party Manifesto 2020

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Foreword by Brendan Howlin TD, Leader of the Labour Party

Labour’s pledge is to achieve stronger, better local government that serves the whole community and improves everyone’s lives. Local government can and should help everyone to be active in shaping and improving the place where they live.

Our Councillors know how to make local government work for the benefit of people and communities. Labour has delivered 107 years of public service in local government: we have provided housing, maintained roads and street lighting, and managed waste and recycling, and we have given everyone access to parks and green spaces, provided libraries and cultural centres, and helped promote local jobs and businesses.

Labour wants to make local public services genuinely public again by bringing them back under the direct control of elected councils, to ensure higher quality services and better working conditions.

Some of Labour’s ambitions for strong local government require legislation that we are striving to achieve at national level. Not least, we have advanced a law in the Dáil to restore Town Councils.

Labour’s vision of a fairer, more equal society begins in towns, cities and rural areas across Ireland. We want everyone to be securely housed, and we want every area to be a good place to live, to raise a family and to grow older. Local councils can be part of the solution to provide affordable, accessible housing for everyone who needs it.

Local government must lead action on climate change too, from insulating council buildings and promoting the local generation of electricity, through to building cycling infrastructure and improving recycling facilities.

I am personally delighted that Labour is putting forward so many excellent candidates to serve their communities, with a great mix of experienced councillors and new candidates.

Local government matters to everyone’s quality of life. And voting Labour this May will help ensure that local government truly serves the whole community.