Traveller Recognition
Our Policies

Recognise Traveller ethnicity and work with the Travelling Community

The Travelling Community represent a distinct group wihin Irish society with a unique cultural heritage. Labour is committed to working with Travellers to resolve the cycles of disadvantage that continually disempower this community.

Labour in government has outlined the roadmap to achieving formal recognition of a distinct Traveller ethnicity by commencing work on a new National Traveller and Roma Inclusion Strategy.

Our plan for the next five years:

  • Formally recognise the Travelling Community as a group in Irish society with a unique culture, heritage and ethnic identity
  • Continue to consult with Traveller NGOs on the completion and implementation of the national strategy to address the accommodation, health, education and other issues faced by the Traveller community
  • Give responsibility to the Housing Agency to address key concerns around housing for Travellers
  • Look at innovative ways of offering support for education and work place activation for members of the Travelling community
  • More than double the number of Travellers going to college