Cllr Maurice Shortall

As I start my third  term on Kilkeny County Council, times were never so difficult, resources were never so scarce, and I am only too well aware of the day to day hardship which to my experience is prevalent across all sectors. I will continue to do my utmost for the constituents of North Kilkenny and to repay them for the wonderful support I received in the Local Elections of 2004, 2009 and 2014. Since the electorate afforded me the opportunity to top the poll in each of these elections it is my pledge to repay that loyalty with continued hard work.   I joined the Labour Party in 1981 and am a proud member of SIPTU since 1976.


Listed below are some of my priorities as identified through various representations, 

  • Broadband Availability to both Urban and Rural Areas
  • Alternative Renewable Energy.
  • Provision of Housing for all ages.
  • Extension of Community Employment to areas where there is no service.  
  • Provision of Sewerage Schemes to Towns and Rural Areas,
  • Supporting the Unemployed.
  • Promoting Employment & Socialisation Opportunities.
  • Optimum quality and supply of water both public and private.
  • Ensuring the best healthcare is available to everyone when it's needed.
  • Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour.
  • Fighting against Educational Disadvantage.
  • Promoting use of Recycling and Waste Reduction.
  • Assisting all mortgage holders experiencing difficulty. 

If you have a particular issue you would like me to pursue on your behalf please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Cllr Maurice Shortall

Ireland - South : Carlow / Kilkenny
Home Address:
42 Maryville
Co Kilkenny
056 4441770Home:
087 7543906.Mob :

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