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I was honoured  to be selected to contest the General Election in Dublin South West in 2016. It gave me an opportunity to continue to fly the flag for the Labour cause and although it was a difficult election for Labour, it provided me with a platform to get our message across to the electorate and to set the record straight about Labour's achievements in Government. I look forward to having another opportunity to win back the Labour seat  in Dublin South West.

A key area of interest for me has been working to tackle the drugs problem in our community having worked over the past 17 years in the Tallaght Drugs Task force.  I am passionate about continuing to improve our community and have been involved locally with Trustus who provide a range of supportive local community projects and services for senior citizens, people with disabilities and the unemployed.  The General Election will present the electorate with a clear choice between a government that has delivered economic recovery and an opposition that is divided and not fit to be trusted with the economy

I successfully contested the  local elections in both 2014 and in 2009 as I believed our community needed a strong voice in local government and needed representation that was fair and informative.

In 2009, I was delighted to be one of three Labour Party first time Councillors elected in the Tallaght Central Ward and then to receive the recognition of my colleagues by being elected Mayor of South Dublin County at my first Council meeting.

As the lead group on South Dublin County Council, we agreed to forgo our conference expenses, diverting them towards the provision of an emergency Homeless Hostel in Tallaght. This hostel opened in 2013.

We continue to divert our expenses towards the Windows and Doors Programme. We have not rezoned any additional lands for developement since 2009, we have increased the annual amount allocated in the Annual Budget for the Window and Doors Programme to over one million euro, which has benefited over 1200 homes in the last five years, reduced the Commercial Rates in 2009 and have not increased them since.

We also approved in the Annual Budget 2014, a Business Support Grant, which will be paid as a financial support to occupiers of properties with annual commercial rates bills of €10,000 or less in 2014. I fully support the five year Children's Playspace Programme and the roll out of exercise equipment in all our public parks and continue with my Labour colleagues, to deliver the best service possible at the best value for money, for the citizens of South Dublin County.   

My experience with Tallaght Drugs Task Force and with other voluntary and community groups, has shown that when the community has an input into strategies and service delivery this has proven to be very effective. When the community are on an equal footing with the statutory agencies – services can be rolled out based on the requirements of the community's interest and not just what officialdom believed the community needs. 

If you have any local issues you require assistance with do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email.



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