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We will miss Marian Finucane

3 January 2020

Statement by Joan Burton
Spokesperson on Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform, and the Arts

Expressing her sadness on the sudden death of broadcaster Marian Finucane, Joan Burton said:

"Polite, intelligent, determined interviewers like Marian Finucane are without doubt the most challenging and the most difficult to meet on air.

"I went from someone who listened to her radio programs to being interviewed by her.

"Her honeyed voice, rooting for women but determined to let you away with nothing. It’s so hard to believe that such a trailblazer for women and journalism is gone.

"We shall all miss her as we mark her contribution to empowering Irish women through their own stories.

"My condolences to her family friends and colleagues in RTÉ and journalism."