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Labour Trade Unionists encourage real dialogue on a Common Left Platform

12 May 2021

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Statement by Labour Trade Unionists marking the anniversary of the execution of our founder, James Connolly.

Labour Trade Union representatives have today encouraged real dialogue on Common Left Platform to address the crisis in health and housing and to set a real vision for Ireland that deals with the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Speaking to mark the anniversary of the execution of James Connolly, Chairperson of Labour Trade Unionists, Lisa Connell, said: “While another year has passed, Connolly’s Egalitarian vision of an Ireland remains totally unfulfilled, despite being one of the richest countries in the world.

Inspired by his heroic sacrifice we commit ourselves to work ceaselessly for a Common Platform with other Trade Unionists, Socialists and good people of the Left, setting aside the petty sectarian differences that have so afflicted and compromised the efforts of all who aspired to the realization of his egalitarian vision in the past, towards;

  • A housing policy that is determined by the public interest rather than the greed of developers and vulture funds,
  • Universal access to the highest quality care, free at the point of use for all, on a basis that is not subservient to the predilections of the private health industry,
  • Decent work and trade union recognition that offers the means for a fulfilling life rather than old forms of exploitation disguised as new forms of work,
  • Underpinned by fair taxation in a dynamic economy securely tethered to the common good. 

On this day of great significance for all those who walk in Connolly’s footsteps and in keeping with his internationalism, we declare our solidarity with all those who are oppressed across the globe, including the Palestinian people and we salute all those struggling for democracy and human rights.