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#5Days5Ways - 21st Century Apprenticeships - Minister Jan O'Sullivan

Posted on July 02, 2015

Day 4 Apprenticeships

Today we focus on the work Labour Minister Jan O'Sullivan is doing to create a new apprenticeships model that will employment opportunities for job seekers.

Minister O’Sullivan established the Apprenticeship Council to examine and review the current model and it was tasked expanding apprenticeships into new sectors of the economy. 

In the coming weeks, the Council will report to Minister O’Sullivan detailing which sectors it recommends to develop new types of apprenticeships.

Over 80 proposals have been received from sectors such as ICT, medical devices, hospitality and manufacturing.

These apprenticeships will provide high-quality professional training and a clear career path for a new generation of job seekers.

As well as creating new types of apprenticeships, we are reviving the numbers enrolling on the traditional apprenticeships.

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5 Days 5 Ways - A better start for pre-school children

Posted on July 01, 2015

Day 3 pre-school years

Today's #5Days5Ways focuses on the work Minister Jan O'Sullivan and her department is carrying to give pre-school children a better start.

Minister of Education and Skills, Jan O’Sullivan is bringing a new focus to the standard of education at pre-school level. She is introducing a number of measures to promote and enhance the quality of education for our youngest children (0-6 age group). 

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5 days 5 ways - Numeracy & Literacy Strategy Adds Up - Minister Jan O'Sullivan

Posted on June 30, 2015

Day 2 JOS Literacy

This week’s #5Days5Ways campaign highlights 5 key areas in which Labour and Minister of Education and Skills, Jan O'Sullivan continues to introduce and deliver education reform and today we are highlighting the first improvements to literacy and numeracy levels for more than 30 years. 

Literacy is the key that unlocks a child’s education. It is the most basic - not to mention the most important - life skill that our schools teach. Labour wants to ensure that no child leaves an Irish school without being able to read and write.

We see it as being vital to the future of our recovering economy and society. Here are some facts:

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5 days 5 ways - Investment in school buildings - Minister Jan O'Sullivan

Posted on June 29, 2015

opening school jan

5 DAYS 5 WAYS - Labour is working

Over the next five days, as part of our ongoing #5Days5Ways campaigns, we will highlight the important work being done by The Labour Party as it continues to deliver in Government. 

Day 1: Investment in school buildings

Huge strides are currently being made by Jan O’Sullivan, Minister of Education and Skills, providing our students with better school classrooms and buildings. This year alone, Labour is investing more than €450m in school infrastructure.

We see it as being vital to the future of our recovering economy and society. Here are some facts:

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Minister Lynch launches Connecting for Life for suicide prevention strategy

Posted on June 24, 2015

Kathleen Lynch at the launch of connecting for life

Minister Kathleen Lynch, (Minister of State for Primary Care, Social Care and Mental Health) has today launched the Connecting for Life strategy for suicide prevention.

[You can download the Connecting for Life strategy here.]

Speaking at the launch Minister Lynch said: “As a Government we have been putting the structures in place to try and ensure that people get the right type of mental health treatment in the right place and above all at the right time.

““One size doesn’t fit all in mental health and the range of services reflects this. As part of the suicide strategy, we need to connect with ourselves, our families, our communities and the services that are on offer

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Launch of the ‘Richard O’Carroll Empowerment Bursary’ - Minister Aodhan ORiordain

Posted on June 17, 2015


I was pleased to join Labour Party members at the recent Tom Johnson Summer School in Kilkenny to launch the 'Richard O'Carroll Empowerment Bursary.'

The bursary is named in memory of the leader of the Labour Group on Dublin Corporation who was killed in the 1916 Easter Rising, and is part of the Labour Party's 1916 Centenary Commemoration. In addition to his involvement in the Dublin Labour Party, Richard O’Carroll was an official of the Brick and Stonelayers Trade Union. During the Rising, he was shot by a British officer on Camden Street on the 26th of April 1916. Despite being rescued by a passing bread van and brought to hospital, Richard died nine days later in Portobello Military Hospital, leaving behind his widow, Annie, and seven children.

We were truly honoured to be joined at the launch by Richard's grandson, Dick O'Carroll, who spoke about his grandfather's contribution to the labour and trade union movement, and indeed his contribution in our struggle for independence.

I am delighted that the Labour Party has chosen to commemorate the life and legacy of Cllr Richard O’Carroll in such a fitting way. Education is the great liberator. It is, and always has been, a key priority of the Labour Party over the past 103 years. Throughout his activist years, O’Carroll believed passionately in empowering young people through education and we hope that the Richard O’Carroll Empowerment Bursary will assist a young person going into further or higher education. Those receiving the bursary will also be encouraged to promote going into further or higher education within their old secondary school, which we hope will encourage other young people to do the same. Having met with Richard O’Carroll’s relatives over recent months, I believe that we can fittingly commemorate his legacy through this bursary.

Many thanks to Dick, Dessie, Bernie, Sinead and other relatives for their work in ensuring that Richard O’Carroll’s life and legacy is commemorated.

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Parents of U6s can sign up for free GP care from Monday - Kathleen Lynch

Posted on June 14, 2015

Minister Kathleen Lynch has announced that from Monday, parents can sign up for free GP care for children under the age of 6 when the HSE opens their online registration process.

An easy-to-use online registration system will go live and when it does, it will be a landmark moment for the primary care in Ireland.

Primary Care Minister Kathleen Lynch, with Labour in Government, has been working tirelessly to enhance primary care and keeping people well in the community.

The delivery of free GP care for under 6s has been a key focus of Kathleen's work and it is great to see it finally become a reality.

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#TJ15 - Saturday morning

Posted on June 13, 2015


Getting up on a Saturday for a morning of hardcore policy discussion can seem like a daunting prospect. But, as usual, the Saturday morning session of Tom Johnson delivered discussions that were engaging, educational and appropriately challenging.

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#TJ15 - Friday night

Posted on June 13, 2015

Tom Johnson Summer School

Day one of Labour Youth's Tom Johnson Summer School 2015 in Kilkenny opened, following an introduction from local TD and Minister Ann Phelan, with a panel discussion on 'Media, Technology and Human Rights'.

We heard from the panel on such topics as the depiction of trans* people in the media, the difficulties of legislating for privacy in an increasingly digital society and the capacity for new technologies and social media to be used to galvanise support for human rights as was evidenced by the recent Marriage Equality referendum.

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Living wage - 5Days5Ways

Posted on June 06, 2015

Ged Nash 5ways5days LivingWage

The Living Wage is an independently assessed and agreed rate of pay which makes possible a minimum acceptable standard of living. Last year a group made up of civil society, trade union and economists agreed a figure of €11.45 per hour as the appropriate Living Wage.

This hourly rate is based on needs not wants and includes costs such as housing, food, utilities, clothing, transport, health care and minimal recreation.

Minister Nash has held a series of meetings with UK groups involved in the Living Wage there, including civil society groups, economists and employers with a view to exploring how Ireland might learn from the UK experience.

He is also meeting with progressive employers and non governmental organisations here who are interested in becoming involved.

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