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Resource teacher supports announced for children with Down Syndrome

Posted on March 25, 2015

Minister Jan O'Sullivan

Schools are to be provided with additional resources to support children with Down Syndrome following an annnouncement from Minister Jan O'Sullivan. The measure has been introduced in recognition of the length of time it will take to introduce the new resource model recommended by the National Council for Special Education.


[Listen to Minister O'Sullivan speaking about the announcement on RTE Radio 1 this morning.]

Minister O'Sullivan said: "I have had the opportunity over recent weeks to meet with Down Syndrome Ireland and with different groups of parents of children with Down Syndrome. It has been clear to me that the cluster of difficulties which children with Down Syndrome face, require that some additional teaching supports be made available."

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#VoteWithUs - Joan

Posted on March 19, 2015

The Tánaiste Joan Burton has made a short video for Vote With Us asking viewers to vote with us on Marriage Equality. In the video the Tánaiste talks about a woman she met recently who wants what every Irish parent wants for their child, to be a full and equal citizen in their own country. 

We'll share more videos from our Labour reps over the coming weeks as they explain why they're voting Yes in the forthcoming referendum. 

(Vote with us is compiling videos from people from all over Ireland, and abroad, who want to share the reasons why they’ll vote YES for equal marriage on May 22nd.)

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Our task is to secure economic recovery and spread the benefits - Burton

Posted on March 10, 2015

Programme for Government - Annual Report 2015 - Securing the Recovery

If in the first week of March, 2011, somebody told us that within four years, we would bring unemployment down to 10%, that economic growth would have gone from minus 2.5% to plus 3.6%, that we would have waved goodbye to the troika, and that we would have introduced a budget with no new cuts, we would probably have questioned their sanity.

[Download the Programme for Government progress report.]

Yet that is precisely what this Government, with Labour at its heart, has done.

Today we publish the annual Progress Report on Implementation of the Programme For Governement, and the progress we have made is substantial and it is real.

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Inaugural Connolly Café at Labour Party Conference huge success

Posted on March 06, 2015

Connolly Cafe

Heretofore fringe events at the Labour Party Conference have concentrated on Party sections delivering workshops with panels of guest speakers on topics associated with their area of work or party staff delivering training. While these will continue to be the backbone of conference between plenary sessions, this year the Connolly Café was launched.

[ Listen to the Connolly Cafe on Audioboom. ]

Taking place on the Friday night, an impressive panel was moderated by Irish Times political journalist Fiach Kelly, our nighthawks version of a late night panel discussion began on the topic of ‘how social democrats deal with populism’.

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In the cold Killarney rain by Stephen Pound MP

Posted on March 06, 2015

Joan Burton and Stephen Pound

As I was going over the Cork and Kerry mountains on my way to the annual conference of the Irish Labour Party I ran into the mother of all rainstorms and the brutal weather that nearly dumped me in the ditch there and then seemed not to be a good omen for the Killarney gathering. Carrying fraternal greetings in my heart and a well filled hipflask in my jacket I battled through and glad I was to have done so.

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Recovery allows for long-term investment in education and infrastructure

Posted on March 04, 2015

Speaking to the Irish Times the Tanaiste Joan Burton has said a strong recovery in our public finance will allow for long-term investment in education and infrastructure. Read more in the Irish Times  or you can listen back to the interview with the Times's Hugh Linehan from the link below. 

Do follow the Tánaiste Joan Burton on Twitter .


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Labour members talk about their hopes for the future

Posted on March 04, 2015

In this video, our party members talk about their hopes for the future. Click to watch.

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The Tánaiste Joan Burton - #Opportunity2016

Posted on March 02, 2015

Over our conference in Killarney we showed this video of the Tánaiste Joan Burton, click on the video to watch.

The Tánaiste is on Twitter, you can follow Joan Burton from here

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The Labour Party is the party of work and we are getting Ireland back to work - Tánaiste Joan Burton

Posted on March 01, 2015

On Saturday night the Tánaiste Joan Burton made her first speech as Leader of the Labour Party to conference in Killarney. You can watch her speech back from the video or read it below.

The Labour Party is the party of work and we are getting Ireland back to work

It's a huge honour for me tonight to stand in the footprints of the great leaders who gave heart and soul to this party. Men like Dick Spring and Eamon Gilmore – whose commitment to Ireland’s cause was absolute. Whose character was resolute. And whose dedication to Labour values was beyond dispute. Values shaped so much by the women of our party.

So I take particular pride standing here as the first woman leader of the Labour Party.

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#Opportunity2016 - Conference 2015 in Killarney

Posted on February 27, 2015

Labour conference 2015 slider

Tonight our annual conference starts in Killarney. Aside from a packed weekend of debate, among the highlights include the Tánaiste Joan Burton’s speech on Saturday night, presenting awards to long-standing members and workshops.

Download the Agenda here.

Download Standing Orders here.

Every year at conference we endeavor to bring you the vast majority of conference online, from livestreaming the entire weekend’s debates, regular updates on our blog, posting videos of speeches to our YouTube channel, constantly updating Flickr with photographs from the weekend, regular updates on Facebook and live-tweeting the conference (#LP15).

Do take a minute to follow Labour on Twitter and you can also find a list of our TDs to follow on Twitter in our lists.

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