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We must not forget about those in the community and voluntary sector

Posted on November 16, 2016

Cllr Joe Leddin has written a blog post on why we must not forget about workers in the community and voluntary sector.

One sector that contributes enormously to the social and economic well- being of our society is the community and voluntary sector. In every city, town and village throughout Ireland over 100,000 thousand people work in community centres, voluntary or charitable organisations and social enterprises delivering real and meaningful change to people’s lives.

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Watch back Brendan Howlin press Taoiseach to disassociate himself from comments by Minister Ross on judicial appoinments

Posted on November 16, 2016

Over the last while, we have heard Minister Ross declare that reform of judicial appointments is his top priority, far above anything in his own Department, we presume, as he was too busy to debate public transport on RTE Prime Time last night.


During Leaders' Questions today, Brendan Howlin said "focussing on his top priority, he has launched the most aggressive attacks on the judiciary that I have ever heard from a Cabinet Minister."


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We need to teach young people to look after their mental health and well-being

Posted on November 16, 2016

"Young people should be encouraged to talk about their mental health and well-being so they know it is okay to talk about their well-being."

Last night in the Dáil Jan O'Sullivan spoke on mental health services in Ireland. Jan called for a more proactive approach to mental health in Ireland and for further investment in Jigsaw services around the country.


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We've launched Bills on Uncertain Hours and Rent Certainty

Posted on November 15, 2016

Today Jan O'sullivan and Ged Nash launched Bills to improve the lives and working conditions of people around the country.


The Social and Affordable Housing Bill 2016 includes measures to address key issues including affordability and supply, soaring rents and tenants’ rights, the hoarding of land by developers, as well as clamping down on unregulated vulture funds operating here. It would link ren t increa ses to the CPI rate of inflation.

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New Labour Youth Executive elected

Posted on November 12, 2016

Congratulations to the new National Youth Executive elected at Labour Youth conference this weekend. The new Executive is as follows:

Chairperson : Kevin Donoghue (Dublin Bay South)
Secretary : Eimear Martin (Louth)
Policy Officer : Dylan O'Keeffe (Cork North Central)
Communications Officer : Robert O'Donnell (Tipperary)
International Officer : Declan Meenagh (Dublin Central)
Women's Officer : Chloe Manahan (Dublin Bay South)

We caught up with Kevin after his election. Watch below to hear what he had to say about some of his plans for the year ahead.


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We need to talk about a united Ireland

Posted on November 06, 2016

In today’s Sunday Business Post our Party Leader Brendan Howlin has an opinion piece on why we need to talk about a united Ireland. Read his full article below

Four months have now passed since a majority of people in Britain voted to leave the EU and the people of Northern Ireland voted to remain.

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Protecting the common travel area on our island must be a top priority

Posted on November 02, 2016

Speaking at the All Island Dialogue on Brexit today, Brendan Howlin urged the EU to allow us to draw down funds to reskill people in the sectors that will be hit the most by #Brexit.


"Clearly Ireland will be proportionally most affected by Brexit, so EU structural funding should be deployed to mitigate the impact as far as possible. I would be interested in hearing how we are interacting with the European Commission to ensure that funding that is there, that we negotiated in our own time, can be deployed effectively.

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We can and we will rebuild this historic party of ours. #LabourRebuild

Posted on October 25, 2016

Last night, we held our #LabourRebuild Dublin regional meeting in Liberty Hall. Party Leader Brendan Howlin spoke to a packed room of Labour members and supporters about the different ways we can rebuild our Party. Watch his speech back below or read it in our media centre.


Our General Secretary, Brian McDowell launched our #RightSteps childcare campaign. Find out more about the campaign and download our campaign toolkit here

Our General Secretary Brian McDowell going through #LabourRebuild plans

A video posted by Labour Party (@labourparty) on

 Our TD for Limerick City, Jan O'Sullivan went through the Constitutional review the party is undertaking - to find out how you can get involved email [email protected]

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Don't bet on Budget being fair, progressive or even sensible when it finally lands

Posted on October 10, 2016

Today, on #Budget2017 eve, Brendan Howlin has a piece in today's Irish Independent on what tomorrow's Budget will or won't bring.

Over each of the last five years, I spent the equivalent of a weekend putting in late hours in the office, finalising documents, and concluding the haggling with different ministers. It's an odd feature of the Budget process in Ireland that even though we're talking about a Budget package of more than €50bn, the fighting always comes down to the last €10m or so.

Last year, it was Kathleen Lynch who caused the last sleepless night before the Budget.

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Building a Shared Prosperity

Posted on October 06, 2016

Today we launched our alternative budget - Building a Shared Prosperity  with Brendan Howlin, Joan Burton and Seán Sherlock.


The Labour Party is presenting an alternative budget today, because we believe that a fully costed, progressive budget is possible.

With the chaotic nature of the current Government, we have a responsibility to have proposals ready that can be implemented if the need arises.

The amount of funding available for investment next year is limited. We don’t believe that using a third of this money to give people a tax break likely to equate to as little as the price of a coffee each week will have a real impact on people.

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