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Why women should vote Labour

Posted on April 16, 2007 at 01:18 PM

Joan and Sinead - Deputy Joan Burton and Sinead Ni Chulachain, chair of Labour Women at the launch of Why Women Should Vote Labour.
Deputy Joan Burton and Sinead Ni Chulachain, chair of Labour Women at the launch of Why Women Should Vote Labour.

"In a Labour government, childcare and education will be at the top of the political agenda. That's one good reason why women should vote Labour", Joan Burton said at the launch of Labour Women's 'Why women should vote Labour'.

Of any political party, the Labour Party has the absolute highest number of women among its parliamentary representatives. Out of a total of 21 Labour TD's, 7 are women and out of a total of 5 Labour Senators, 2 are women.

The emphasis in the forthcoming Labour Party General Election manifesto on issues like childcare, education and violence against women clearly shows the influence of women within our Parliamentary Party in putting the issues that matter most to women at the top of our political agenda.

Labour's policies are about allowing families to make choices about childcare. We believe the current policy of individualisation has gone too far. A single income family where one parent stays at home to care for children will pay up to €6000 more in tax on the same income as a double income couple.

Speaking at the launch Chair of Labour Women, Sinead Ni Chulachain, said that initiatives to address the issue of violence against women must be highlighted during the election campaign.

"Women's political participation as voters can have a huge impact on what kind of policies political parties produce and what action is taken. If women don't highlight issues or approaches that are important to them, the danger is that the political parties don't highlight them either.'

"Policies and actions must address women's needs directly, such as cervical cancer screening or childcare. Policies must also be aware of the impact they have on women, such as public transport or lifelong learning.

"The Labour Party and Labour Women have been campaigning strongly on Violence Against Women. One in five women continue to experience domestic violence, yet frontline services are under-funded and emergency accommodation often is not there or is not appropriate.

"At the same time the National Domestic Violence Intervention Agency is under the threat of closure.

"The Labour Party is demanding vast improvements in both services for victims of domestic violence and in the judicial process where conviction rates for these offences are extremely low. Our proposals were set out in Labour Women's 'Safety, Accountability, Responsibility' document published last December.

You can read Joan's statement here, Sinead's statement here and Joe Costello's statement here.

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