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Day 2 - This is Aoife

Posted on April 30, 2007 at 10:15 AM

Aoife is our latest internet video and highlights Pat's Commitment for Change to provide a preschool place for all children. Aoife represents children from everywhere.

Less than one out of four of Irish children aged between three and four are currently in structured pre-school education. This contrasts with our European partners where at least two in every three children of that age enjoy such education. As the OECD has stated: "Given the impact that early childhood education and care has on building a strong foundation for lifelong learning and on ensuring equitable access to learning later, pre-primary education is very important."

Pre school education has been proven to tackle disadvantage and this is at the core of why we are commited to ensuring all our children get the best start in life. You can find out more about this commitment here.

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