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Day 19 - Putting gangs out of business

Posted on May 17, 2007 at 04:53 PM

Putting the gangs out of business - Pat speaking on gun crime at the Labour Party conference 2007
Pat speaking on gun crime at the Labour Party conference 2007

Day 19 - Today's press conference was taken by Brendan Howlin and Ruairi Quinn where they launched our 'Putting the gangs out of business'.

Over the last ten years the conviction rate for gun murders stands at 16 per cent. During 2005 of the 21 gun murders only four were regarded as having been detected, with proceedings commenced in just two cases.

Since Minister McDowell made his ill-judged statement in November 2005 'last sting of a dying wasp' 54 people have died in gun murders.

It is clear the criminal gangs believe they can get away with killing each other.

In our document launched today we set out a number of measures that will be taken by Labour in Government to defeat the gangs.

A key proposal is the introduction of legislation to put the Witness Protection Programme on a statutory basis.

We are also proposing that money recovered by the Criminal Assets Bureau be used for local community projects and schemes in order toe improve facilities and provide opportunities for families in some of the most deprived parts of Ireland.

Some of the other measures in our document include:

A crackdown on white-collar crime, including an enhanced compliance and regulatory regime for the professionals without whom assistance money laundering would not be possible.

Providing the resources to have both the Criminal Assets Bureau and Garda Regional Drugs Units operational on the ground throughout the country, plugged into the local intelligence provided by an upgraded community policing system.

You may or may not know that today is International Day Against Homophobia, MEP Prionsias De Rossa and Labour LGBT co-chair Fabian McGrath marked the event which highlights the fact that in 75 countries being gay is still a crime.

Fabian McGrath said: "Labour is the only party which has specifically set out in its manifesto to tackle this and other important issues affecting the gay and lesbian community in Ireland".

The first International Day Against Homophobia, (IDAHO) was observed on May 17, 2005 - 15 years to the day after the World Health Organization removed homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses.

This year IDAHO will be observed in over 50 countries, from Guyana to Sri Lanka to Canada, England, the Ivory Coast, Russia, and Japan.

There will be all sorts of activities, public awareness campaigns, conferences, street demonstrations, artistic expositions, film festivals, forums, meetings of associations, and so on around Europe.

While back on the campaign trail Pat was canvassing in his own constituency. With days to go before May 24th our teams in every constituency will be campaigning flat out to return Labour TDs.

If you desire change, why not help out. Log onto to get in touch with Labour's winning teams throughout the country.

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