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Day 21 - Going the extra mile

Posted on May 19, 2007 at 01:46 PM

Joan and Oisin - At the launch of our policy, Giving Youth a Chance
At the launch of our policy, Giving Youth a Chance

The final weekend of the campaign sees Pat with his Make a Change tour in the West with Jimmy McGarry in Sligo, in Mayo with Harry Barrett, Tuam with Colm Keaveney and Galway City with Michael D.

Back in Dublin in Election HQ Joan Burton and Oisin Quinn launched our Giving Youth a Chance, Labour's plan for youth activities allowing us to have a kick-about in the media centre during the photo-opportunity.

Considering that Ireland has one of the youngest populations in Europe with one in three people under 25 years old, the corresponding facilities are not in place and this is at the heart of the document.

Labour wants to establish community-based sports and recreation programmes that will become a pillar of local public services. You can read more here.

Canvassing is obviously the flavour of the day with Labour bloggers and beyond. Eric Byrne talks about members of his team getting caught up in gridlocked traffic attempting to make their way across town to help out.

Some of the canvassers on Liz McManus's team give some of their thoughts on canvassing in Wicklow.

Canvasser Roisin says: "The experience has been a positive one, with good reactions on the doorsteps. The people of Bray have been mostly very polite - even those who clearly don't intend to vote Labour. Liz is obviously very well known and respected for the work she's done locally and nationally.

"In some estates you can skip from house to house with people just taking the leaflet and giving a 'thumbs-up' or a 'don't worry - Labour's got my vote this time'." Read the rest here.

Joan Burton talks about canvassing in the bad weather with MEP Prionsias De Rossa: " The rain and drizzle disturbed our plans all day long but we decided to brave the elements, organise the umbrellas and go ahead as if it was sunny and bright. Proinsias de Rossa joined us all afternoon.

"It is always useful to get a seasoned outside view on how I am doing. Proinsias has his own mental calculator on what percentage I am likely to get judging from the reaction of people we canvass. It's a good result but by no means anything to be overly thrilled about. As ever I predict a very tight finish for both the 2nd and 3rd seats."

Meanwhile over at contributor Canvasser explains in great detail over a number of posts the dos and don'ts of the art of canvassing. You'll find all their contributions here. Anyone who has ever canvassed will understand and those who haven't will get an insight into why and how canvassing is carried out.

The only thing canvasser has omitted from their witty and informative post is something Joe Sherlock always says that all candidates should pay a visit to a chiropodist before an election and probably another visit at the end of the campaign.

Finally speaking of happy feet, we were not surprised that Pat went the extra mile and beat all the other party leaders in the amount of steps they took during one day's canvas. TV3 asked all the leaders to wear a pedometer and Pat notched up a staggering 11,000+ steps during his Make a Change tour to Carlow/Kilkenny, Tipp North and Tipp South.

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