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Day 22 - Four Days to Ensure a Better Health Service

Posted on May 20, 2007 at 03:17 PM

Ruairi Quinn - at our 4 Days to Ensure a Better Health Service launch
at our 4 Days to Ensure a Better Health Service launch

Ruairi Quinn and Liz McManus were in the media centre today in election HQ to reveal new information obtained under Freedom of Information confirming that the FF/PD plan to build super private clinics on the grounds of public hospitals will cause serious problems for the public health service.

Ruairi said: "Fianna Fail and the PDs have given on the public health system. They simply don't believe that good quality health services can be delivered by a public health system where medical need, rather than ability to pay, determines the care a patient receives. Instead they want to turn public health into something the sockness industry can profit from.

"In contrast, we in Labour believe a good public health service which treats all people equally, and which cares for the sick regardless of their ability to pay, is the best way of looking after the health of all our citizens."

Liz said: "When people go to the polls on Thursday they will be making a decision that will determine the future direction of public policy in a number of key areas. Nowhere will the direction be more important or the choice more stark than in the area of health."

You can read their full statements here, here and here.

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