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Socio-economic priorities at the core of Labour's mission says Gilmore

Posted on January 25, 2008 at 03:32 PM

Liberty Hall - Headquarters of SIPTU
Headquarters of SIPTU

The economy must be put back to the top of the political agenda, Labour Leader Deputy Eamon Gilmore told the national executive of SIPTU today. He said out economic prospects have become more uncertain and against the background of increasing turmoil, there is an urgent need for Ireland to consider afresh our economic future.
He said that over the next year Labour would be developing and advancing a new socio-economic agenda.

The Labour Leader said that government mismanagement of the economy had added to current financial difficulties, saying that their refusal to intervene in the property market had left a serious imbalance, which was now being painfully corrected, while their ineptitude both in capital investment and in regulation had added to our competitiveness losses. Mr. Gilmore added that Ireland's reliance on construction to generate new jobs was never going to be sustainable and he called on the government to put in place pathways for people coming out of the construction sector to get new training and find jobs in other areas of activity.

Deputy Gilmore also criticised the reports of the Benchmarking Body and the Review Body on Higher Remuneration in the Public Sector which he said, taken together, proposed substantial pay increases for those who already enjoyed large salaries and little or nothing for those on lower wages. "The effect of these reports is to transfer trends towards more unequal private sector pay into the private sector", he said.

You can read Eamon's full speech in our media centre.

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