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The Economy is not about figures - its about people

Posted on March 05, 2008 at 01:04 PM

This week has seen more bad news on the economic front. As the downturn intensifies, the amount of money coming into the Government coffers is falling, and people are loosing their jobs. Redundancies are up by one third in the first two month of this year, and unemployment is climbing. The question is who will bear the burden of these changes?

As large numbers of workers are laid off from building sites and factory closures continue, there is no sign of a plan on the scale required to retrain people and help them find new jobs. There are long queues for vital cancer tests, and cutbacks in the services for the homeless, but there are new tax breaks for wealthy developers to build hospices. It is clear that the Government has no strategy for dealing with how the downturn will affect ordinary people, but will continue to allow others to avoid paying their fair share in tax.

You can read the full debate from this morning's Leaders' Questions on the Oireachtas website and see extracts on the accompanying You Tube video.

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