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Every citizen's vote will count in June's European elections

Posted on January 27, 2009 at 12:33 PM

Eamon Gilmore TD - addressing the PES Council
addressing the PES Council

For the past five years, the conservatives have had a majority in Europe - in most EU Member States and in the EU institutions. What have they done with it?

Conservatives have had a blind faith in the market - serving the interests of the few rather than all Europeans. We are now seeing the damage that badly regulated markets can do.

In this June's European elections, every citizen's vote will count. We face a clear choice between a progressive Europe and a conservative Europe.

To introduce the wide-ranging progressive reforms that put people first and are essential to secure the future well-being of European citizens, we need a strong progressive majority in the European Parliament and only the PES (Party of European Socialists) can deliver that.

Socialist and social democrat parties are working together to create that majority, in order to achieve our six reform priorities for Europe:

1. Relaunching our economy
2. Build a new social Europe - giving people a fairer deal
3. Europe to take lead against climate change
4. Promote better gender equality in Europe
5. More effective European migration policy
6. Enhancing Europe's role in peace, security and development

We have listened to people by holding a wide-ranging public consultation on our priorities. We now intend to act on what we have heard, and detailed the proposals in this political manifesto. Together we are a force for change, and we can make a difference.

We can build a fairer society by putting people first.

Let's take Europe in a new direction in June 2009.

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