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We are all paying the price, not fairly and not equally - Gilmore

Posted on February 19, 2009 at 03:56 PM

This week saw the Labour Party table a Private Members' Motion on the pensions levy.

Proposing the motion on the first night of the debate which took place on Tuesday evening, the Labour Leader Eamon Gilmore spoke of how we are all paying the price in our current economic crisis but he added that we were not paying fairly or equally.

"Fianna Fail again and again failed to intervene in runaway property speculation and unsustainable lending practices by the banks. Failed to hold those in the golden circle to account. And now we are all paying the price.

"We are all paying the price, but not fairly. Not equally. Not according to our role in the crisis. The thousands losing their jobs every week didn't inflate the property bubble. The children losing their special needs teachers didn't cause it to burst.

"Public servant just by doing their jobs, did not cause the problem in our public finances. They were not borrowing millions from a bank, to invest in the same, failing bank."

The debate was concluded last night when the Government voted down the Labour Party motion.

If you want more information on the debate you will find the following links useful.

Eamon's press release where he announces the motion including the motion's wording.

Eamon's speech proposing the motion as well as the speeches issued by Deputies Roisin Shortall and Liz McManus.

There are also a couple of videos of the Labour contributions on You Tube, Deputy Roisin Shortall's speech, Deputy Sean Sherlock's speech and Deputy Jan O'Sullivan.

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