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Where are the hospital beds Taoiseach?

Posted on October 21, 2009 at 01:59 PM

Where are the hospital beds? Eamon Gilmore TD Leader of the Labour Party asked the Taoiseach during Leaders' Questions this morning in the Dáil.

Referencing a newspaper article which revealed that the number of children on hospital waiting lists has increased Eamon went on to ask about the promised 1,000 beds as part of the co-located hospital scheme.

"The original number of planned co-located hospitals was nine. This has now dropped to four in the recently revised programme for Government. How many hospital beds does the Government now intend to provide? Four co-located hospitals cannot provide 1,000 beds, which were meant to be provided by nine."

Eamon also asked about the co-location arrangement and when the four hospitals will be built.

"When will the four hospitals be built and when will we see a bed produced? The HSE was reluctant to go down this road but the Minister for Health and Children instructed the HSE that this was the Government's route.

"She justified her instruction by saying it would fast-track the provision of hospital beds. That was more than four years ago. We still have not provided a bed and there is no sign of these hospitals being built."

Eamon's full contribution is available on the video while you will be able to read the full transcript of Leaders' Questions on the Oireachtas website.


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