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Labour Youth launch their pre-Budget submission

Posted on December 02, 2009 at 05:14 PM

Labour Youth launch its Pre-Budget submission -  Labour Youth's Kirsten Gordon and Rory Geraghty launching their pre-budget submission
Labour Youth's Kirsten Gordon and Rory Geraghty launching their pre-budget submission

Rory Geraghty is the Chair of Labour Youth and here he posts about their pre-Budget submission which was released today.

Today we're launching a pre-budget submission to tackle Youth Unemployment.

Since taking office, this government has watched unemployment amongst under 25s treble. Currently Ireland has over 100,000 young people who cannot find work and who are not in full-time education.

Within this, the rate is a shocking 36.4% of people aged 15-19 and 23% between the ages of 20-24.

Cutting social welfare payments for U25s is not the answer. Already too many young people are struggling to survive on what little they have.

Labour Youth is putting forward real alternatives to combat the growing rate of youth unemployment; including investing in part-time courses, expanding the work placement scheme for graduates and an extension of the current HEA schemes.

Combined this will allow more people the opportunity to up-skill helping them to find new employment.

This document deals with one item that is often ignored. The social problems of anxiety and stress that are created by long-term unemployment could lead to increased substance abuse.

This in turn has a knock on effects in criminal activity, both by those supplying illegal substances, and those who use them.

In addition to this, Irish males between 15 and 24 have more than four times the death rate by suicide than their counter-parts in the UK. To reduce levels of suicide and substance abuse, the government must invest in a coherent mental health strategy. Failure to do so will see far more families suffer from unnecessary grief.

This government doesn't care about young people, they've made that clear. In launching this document we're hoping that everyone else will care and help us make the government understand that the young people of Ireland matter.


by Rory Geraghty - (you can read Labour Youth's press statement from today in our press centre.)


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