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Gilmore continues to press Taoiseach on banking inquiry

Posted on January 20, 2010 at 04:57 PM

In the Dáil today during Leaders' Questions the Labour Leader Eamon Gilmore TD said the Government's proposals for a banking inquiry is not an inquiry into what went wrong with the banks and how we can learn from it

Our proposal, which is being debated again this evening during Private Members seeks a parliamentary inquiry similar to the DIRT inquiry.

Eamon called the Government's proposals 'unacceptable' saying they would only serve to cover the bad decisions made by the Taoiseach and the Government and would not deal with what went wrong in the banking system so that we can learn from it.

"Fianna Fail want a private inquiry. The rest of us want a public inquiry.

"What the Government is doing here is setting up an inquiry into everything about banking, including the international context, except the Government's own decisions, such as the critical decision to introduce the guarantee scheme, which is what has locked the Irish taxpayer into paying for the banking crisis. There were several issues involved in September 2008, particularly on 29th September, which require to be investigated and which require answers. "

You can follow tonight's debate on the Labour motion (the wording of which you can read here) online from the Oireachtas website.

We will post videos of some of our contributors from the Private Members' motion in the morning. You can also view Eamon's contribution to this morning's Leaders' Questions in the accompanying video and read the transcript of the full exchange on the Oireachtas website.

Do let us know what you think in the comments section below.

EDIT: January 23rd 2010

You can view all the Labour contributions from the Private Members' time on our You Tube channel, alternatively individual speeches can be viewed at the links below.

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