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Customer will foot the bill for ESB/Bord Gais plans for 'bling' rebranding

Posted on October 13, 2010 at 10:37 AM

Last night Deputy Liz McManus proposed our motion seeking measures to tackle fuel poverty during Private Members' Motions in the Dáil.

The Government has promised action on fuel poverty but they have not delivered, Deputy McManus told the House.

"It has been estimated that around 60,000 Irish households live in persistent fuel poverty and a further 160,000 or so experience intermittent fuel poverty," she said.

Deputy McManus also questioned plans for the €80m rebranding of Bord Gais and ESB as customers are struggling to pay their bills.

"Who pays for this bling regulatory measure? The unfortunate consumer will be forced to foot the bill. In the interests of common sense I am asking Minister Ryan to step in now and put a stop to this vagary once and for all. We simply cannot afford it."

The accompanying video shows Liz's speech which you can also read in our media centre and you can also see the speech delivered by Deputy Mary Upton on our You Tube channel. The debate continues during Private Members' this evening.

EDIT: October 14th 2010

We have more videos from last night's debate (October 13th) featuring Deputy Roisin Shortall, Deputy Joe Costello and Deputy Liz McManus's summation speech.


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