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Government chooses to slash and burn and create even more problems

Posted on December 07, 2010 at 07:57 PM

"This budget is every bit as bad as we feared," the Labour Leader Eamon Gilmore TD said this afternoon.

"The real tragedy is that having done all this damage, Fianna Fail risks compounding their earlier mistakes, such as the blanket bank guarantee and NAMA, with a Budget that takes an additional €6billion out of the economy.

"Labour fully accepts the need to reduce public expenditure and to close the budget deficit, but in this budget Fianna Fail has once again, chosen to take the route of the conservative consensus, asking those on middle and low incomes to bear the brunt of the adjustment, while priviledged elites such as the tax exiles did not even merit a mention in Minister Lenihan's speech.

"The Government could have gone for a budget that would have promoted economic growth and employment. Instead, as usual, they have chosen to slash and burn and create even more problems for the Irish people and for the Government that will succeed them after the election."

In the video attached to this post you can see Deputy Joan's Burton's speech on the Budget while you can catch part 2 on our You Tube channel.

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