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Dáil debate on reducing the minimum wage

Posted on December 17, 2010 at 05:28 PM

This week saw the Dáil debate a Labour Party motion on the reduction of the minimum wage (the wording of which you can read in our media centre). While the Labour contributions focused on different aspects of the impact the reduction in the minimum wage will have, Deputy Michael D Higgins delivered a passionate speech which you can view in the accompanying videos (you'll find links to the others speeches at the bottom of the post).

Closing the debate Deputy Higgins said: "Those on the minimum wage know where every cent goes and are forced to spend their incomes not on luxuries but to survive.

"I am most attracted to the concept of the social floor. We regularly insult language by saying we live in a Republic. We do not. If we had any version of citizenship, there would be a social floor for health and housing for example, a threshold below which no citizen would be allowed to fall.

"Those who vote to reduce the minimum wage are saying that the people who are dependent on it are of less importance than others in society. As a Republican and as a socialist, I condemn that attitude."

When it came to the vote, the Government and their partners voted down the Labour Party motion.

You can see videos of the other Labour contributions below:

Jan O'Sullivan

Mary Upton

Jack Wall

Ciaran Lynch

Sean Sherlock

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