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Call out for ideas - Minister Howlin asks public to engage on how Government can spend better

Posted on June 24, 2011 at 05:23 PM

Minister Brendan Howlin

Just like many householders across the country, the Government has to continue to do more with less. Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform, Brendan Howlin TD, is calling on the public to engage with his department, and submit creative and constructive proposals on how the Government can best save money and make smarter spending choices.

As part of the ongoing Comprehensive Review of Expenditure, a review set up to identify savings in each government department, it is hoped that the people of Ireland can also come onboard and contribute their opinions on how efficiencies and savings can be obtained.

Minister Howlin says, "All citizens want to see better value for money, as part of this I would urge people to put forward their ideas and proposals on how to achieve this. The Government wants to know what practices people consider wasteful and can be eliminated...and what spending programmes could be reformed or organised in different, more cost-effective ways.

"I am looking for ideas from everyone in Ireland, whether from the public or private sectors. The challenge facing our country is so great that no reasonable proposal can be ignored."

In addition to this, the Department of Public Expenditure & Reform has also launched a new online database, which offers the public full access to expenditure information since 1994. Minister Howlin is encouraging the public to visit the site, which he says might prompt people to come up with new ideas on how resources can be better used.

Do you have a money saving idea? Why not make a submission. And do check out the new Data Bank.



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