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Labour turn the heat up on Sinn Féin

Posted on September 22, 2011 at 12:44 PM

Speaking on the Dáil motion on the sale of a minority stake in the ESB, Labour deputies highlighted the utter hypocrisy of Sinn Féin.

In typical Sinn Fein 'doublespeak' they claim that this proposed minority sale, which we are committed to by way of a sovereign commitment in the EU/IMF deal, will result in the State losing its majority ownership of ESB. This is utter nonsense and is deliberately attempting to mislead the public.

Funds released in this minority sale have the potential to be reinvested in this economy, create jobs and reduce the State's debt burden. The fact is that Sinn Fein's economic policy would send Ireland the way of Greece. They have no answer to the fact that there is a cap in the order of €15 billion between the revenues and spending of the Exchequer.

They think we can walk away from a sovereign commitment to the EU/IMF deal. At the same time, Sinn Fein Deputies don't like to be reminded of the extensive cuts and programmes of privatisation they have been involved in the North.

When they do acknowledge the painful cuts they have implemented in the North, they are waved away as "British government policy and its continuing control of fiscal matters". Sinn Fein should start offering credible solutions to deal with our economic and job crisis. In the meantime, they might like to reflect that their decision to support the blanket bank guarantee "in the national interest" was a factor in why we are now in this position.

Labour in Government is interested in solutions, even if difficult choices must be made. Our economic survival depends on it.

The main video in the post features Deputy Michael McCarthy, and you can click to see the contribution made by Deputy Colm Keaveney and Deputy Derek Nolan.

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