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Stability Treaty canvas continues at apace

Posted on May 17, 2012 at 01:20 PM

Canvassing in Dublin South

Canvassing for the Stability Treaty is continuing at apace with Labour members and reps knocking on doors all over the country to secure a Yes vote in the forthcoming vote. We spoke to a few of our TDs to find out how the canvas in their areas is going. Minister Joe Costello is going door to door every night and all weekend. He said: "The response on the doors has been very good and very positive, people are pleased to see us and like to be asked about how they vote. They have been very willing to engage in the arguments around the Stability Treaty. It has been a great and positive experience."

Over the weekend Minister Jan O'Sullivan was canvassing with Minister Pat Rabbitte and Phil Prendergast MEP; Minister O'Sullivan has also been out regularly in her constituency. She said: "Overall there is more of a yes vote than when we started canvassing. People really want to talk about it now, there is a lot of engagement from people wanting to know what the treaty is about. A lot of these people are in the 'don't know' category and they want to find out more about it and be informed in their vote."

Dominic Hannigan TD, Deputy Director of Elections for the campaign said: "Our canvassing has been going well, people know this referendum is on the way, they realise its importance and as a result we are finding that more and more people are getting engaged on the issues and want to know what it is all about. From my canvassing I think the referendum will be carried."

We have compiled photographs from canvasses all over the country which you can see here. If you've questions about the Treaty you can ask Labour using the form on this page.

And don't forget if you're on Twitter do follow Labour and keep up to date with the latest referendum news by following the debate hashtag #EURef.

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