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Getting connected - National Broadband Plan for Ireland announced

Posted on August 30, 2012 at 11:02 AM

Minister Pat Rabbitte - At the Silver Surfer Awards where he announced funding for digital skills training
At the Silver Surfer Awards where he announced funding for digital skills training

Getting online will be a lot easier thanks to the new national broadband plan launched by Minister for Communications, Pat Rabbitte. Representing another 'click' off the Programme for Government, the provision of quality broadband has always been a key issue for the Labour Party, under this plan high speed broadband will at last be rolled out across the entire country.

Launching the envisaged €175 million plan Minister Rabbitte said, "I want everyone in Ireland to have access to at least 30mbps download speeds no matter how rural their home or business. In addition I'm setting a higher target of at least 40mbps for many areas outside the cities.

"Despite the pressure on Government finances we will invest public funds so as to make sure more thinly populated areas are not left behind. Internet connectivity is now as important for both employment and society as electricity has been for the last 60 years."

The plan aims to have 50% of the population receiving speeds of between 70 and 100Mbps, a second section receiving speeds of 40Mbps or better and the third band, where a private operator service is not an option , will have speeds of 30Mbps, funds for this will come from the State.

As committed to under the Programme for Government, the National Broadband Plan is part of the Government's response to maximise commercial investment, the roll-out of this plan will no doubt offer a huge support to many small businesses and homes across Ireland.

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