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Government is committed to restoring this county’s fortunes

Posted on December 12, 2012 at 03:53 PM

Minister Brendan Howlin told the Dáil last night 'the Irish people know that we need to get out of this programme' and they realised that 'failure to do so will not only delay restoring our economic sovereignty but will see further financial correction imposed upon us from outside with little or no freedom for the Irish Government to act'. He was speaking in the House on the Private Members' motion.

He also said: "This is a national Government committed to restoring this county's fortunes.

"Two parties, of different ideological perspectives, have come together to pursue a single shared aim. Deputies on this side of the House that support this Government do so not because it is easy, it is not.

"They do so because they know the long term interest of the Irish people require decisions to be taken because this country does not enjoy the resources it did five years ago. They do so because they know the national interest is more important than their own careers.

"They do so because they recognise the world as it is, not how others would pretend it is. They are putting their shoulders to the wheel not hurling from the ditch. None of this can be said about tonight's motion."

Minister Howlin's full speech can be read in our media centre, while you can watch the speech from the accompanying video.

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