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'Make no mistake, we will see this through' Minister Kathleen Lynch tells the Dáil speaking on the Magdalene Laundry report

Posted on February 13, 2013 at 11:26 AM

Speaking in the Dáil last night Minister Kathleen Lynch about the Magdalene Laundries Minister Kathleen Lynch told the House of the importance to acknowledge the hurt that many people felt during their time in the laundries which was 'exacerbated by the failure of others over many years to listen to their stories or to seek out the truth of what happened to them'.

She said the decision by the Government to establish a committee to look at the issues of the State's involvement with the Magdalen laundries was a 'clear recognition' that that failure had to be addressed and the truth had to be found.

"Indeed, when the truth was found, it had to be told."

You can watch Minister Lynch's entire speech from the accompanying video; you can also read a copy of the speech in our media centre


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