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Convention in your Classroom

Posted on February 22, 2013 at 02:46 PM

Convention in my Classroom

In this post Deputy Aodhan ÓRiordain talks about the Convention in your Classroom project he undertook to inform young people about the Constitutional Convention.

When I launched my ‘Convention in Your Classroom’ initiative last October it was my intention to meet with as many students as possible, in my constituency, to talk about the Constitutional Convention.

Over the last several months I spoke to 11 schools and held a mini convention in each of them.
The results varied from school to school but the one uniting theme was that in all schools there was almost universal support for Marriage Equality.

For the final part of this project I invited a delegation from each school into Leinster House to meet with Tom Arnold, the Convention’s Chairperson and some of the Oireachtas members on the convention.

This took place on Thursday the 21st of February and there was a robust discussion between those present with everyone being provided an opportunity to engage with the issues properly.

Hopefully this will have given some young people an input the work of the Convention and the members present will take on board their views during the deliberations.

I want to particularly thank Art O’Leary from the Convention Secretariat and Tom Arnold the Convention’s Chairperson for all their time and assistance in this project.

It was a very humbling experience to meet with so many students as part of this process and I feel I learnt a lot while simultaneously empowering young people to engage with politics.

From my end, they whole thing was an absolute pleasure.

by Deputy Aodhan ÓRiordain

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