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Deputy McCarthy writes about launching his Autism Bill in the Dáil

Posted on March 08, 2013 at 03:24 PM

Deputy Michael McCarthy

In this post Deputy Michael McCarthy writes about the Autism Bill he launched in the Dáil today. 

I was immensely proud to launch the Autism Bill in the Dáil today and that it received the full support of the Minister for Health, James Reilly, not to mention an overwhelming amount of cross-party support.
An enlightening and robust debate took place in the Chamber about the Bill and many constructive views were put forward by fellow TDs. It was a fine example of how legislators of all hues can come together and work positively with one another to further a common cause which has, at its core, the aim of creating a more constructive society.

For too long in this country, people with autism have faced barriers in terms of access to services, while society still struggles when it comes to its perception of the condition. Furthermore the sector has been historically underfunded, meaning its service lag behind that of other disabilities. A national autism strategy, provided for in the Autism Bill, will break down those barriers and disintegrate the stigma around the condition so that people with autism can lead fulfilling, independent and meaningful lives.

I look forward to the next step of the process, when it will reach the Committee stage and I wish to assure people with autism that this is only the first, critical step in a national, cross-party movement to improve and enhance the lives of people with autism in Ireland."

By Deputy Michael McCarthy

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