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Government accepts all recommendations of Quirke report

Posted on June 26, 2013 at 05:19 PM

Minister Kathleen Lynch

Minister Kathleen Lynch today announced the Magdalene redress fund, which will provide compensation for women who worked in the Magdalene laundries. This comes after the publication of the Quirke Report, which made recommendations for the best means of compensating the Magdalene women.

[Download the Quirke Report here.]

Listen to what Minister Lynch said at today's press conference.


The most important decision is the accepting of Justice Quirkes recommendation to make financial payments to women based on the duration of their time in a Magdalene laundry. A woman who spent up to 3 months in a Magdalene laundry will receive a lump sum payment of 11,500, while for one year it will be 20,500 and for five years it will be 68,500. For ten years or more it will be a maximum payment of 100,000.

The women will receive a further range of entitlements, such as medical cards, advice and support, and weekly payments.

In announcing the decision today, Kathleen thanked the Magdalene women, saying: Their stories were told with great dignity and, most importantly of all, they have been believed. I would also like to thank the representative groups who so actively and for many years campaigned diligently on their behalf. I know only too well the work involved I long campaigned on their behalf - and I appreciate fully the difficulties faced but which thankfully were eventually overcome.

While no sum of money can ever take away the womens pain from their harrowing experiences, it is hoped that the fund will at least assist the women in moving on with their lives.

The Labour Party has been committed to this issue from the outset, and were proud that today shows the result of that commitment. The women themselves have shown a courage and dignity throughout this process which has been humbling and has touched people deeply.

You can also hear what Deputy Anne Ferris said following the press conference below and see images from the press conference on Flickr and download the Quirke Report here.


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